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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1953

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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For nearly a quarter of a century there had been agitation for control by law of man-made interference with radio reception. In 1933 a committee had been set up at the suggestion of Wireless World to investigate the possibilities but the labours of that committee and of various successors had failed to produce an agreed basis for legislation. Now, at last, the Postmaster-General, using powers conferred on him by the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949, made a start by issuing regulations for the compulsory suppression of interference from newly-built internal combustion engines.

A minor difficulty in presenting information on a rapidly growing science is that the terminology, sometimes hastily and arbitrarily chosen, is often quickly out-dated by developments. One of the words about which ambiguity had long existed was 'electronics'. Transistors were now coming into general use and the fact was recognised by the addition of the words 'and semiconductors' to the official definition.

In brief: The Coronation broadcast, the BBC's most ambitious undertaking, relayed on television to the Continent; 50th anniversary of the first international radio conference.

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