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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1959

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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An article on automatic error correction in multiplex tele-printer working showed in an impressive way how radio-telegraphy had been improved and refined during recent years. It was suggested that, on a poor 'unprotected' circuit producing one error per hundred characters, the introduction of automatic repetition of detected errors might well reduce the error rate to one character in 10,000.

Within the short space of ten years the digital electronic computer had grown from a university or Government laboratory curiosity into a fully developed and engineered commercial product. So far most of them had been 'scientific' computers, but machines for business data processing were rapidly emerging.

Two 'quiet' microwave amplifiers, the maser and the parametric amplifier, were described. Both offered a solution of one of the most basic problems of radio-how to improve signal/noise ratio.

In brief: much discussion of stereophonic reproduction; BBC serving 98.7% of population with television and 96.4% with VHF sound.

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