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Personal History of Mullard DF ORA valve

M G Prewer, 14 August 2010
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A family friend, Mr Arthur Russell, who knew I was interested in building Radio receivers, gave the valve to me in the 1950s.

He could remember listening to 2LO, a station which preceded the BBC, on a Radio receiver he had built in the 1920s.

Whether he ever used this particular valve in a receiver I do not know but suspect he did because I can recall him saying the filament glowed like a candle when it was in use.

He also gave me some early Radio receiver circuit diagrams that are sadly lost. Again however, one diagram was for an early Super-heterodyne receiver that may have incorporated this valve in its detector circuit.

I never got around to using this valve at all because soon afterwards I left home to go to college.

Anyway I have kept the valve in its box over the years and I am very glad it has found a new home.

I hope you; visitors to the museum, and the next owners enjoy having this piece of early broadcasting history.

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