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William Comings White

by Jerry Vanicek, 2014.
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William Comings White, born in Brooklyn in 1890, became a wireless experimenter by 1904. He received an E E degree from Columbia University in 1912. He was immediately hired by the General Electric Company, assigned to tube research and development, and retired in 1955. Beginning about 1917, White assembled a considerable portfolio of US patents. He held a long series of offices with the Institute of Radio Engineers: director, treasurer, and committee chairman in multiple areas, and was elected a Fellow in 1940. He represented the IRE on the Board of the National Electronics Conference.

He authored a long series of technical articles in Electronics, the Proceedings of the IRE, and the GE Review (example: 'The Pliotron Oscillator for Extreme Frequencies', GE Rev., 1916.

White died in 1965.

Beginning in the early '20s, the author assembled a major collection of tubes - salvaged laboratory samples, items solicited from the public, and tubes gotten from other sources. He later presented some of these to collectors Howard Schrader, Joseph Fetsch, and Gerald Tyne

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