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New Valve Assembly Method

Mullard Outlook, Vol. 11 No. 9, February 1962.
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A new semi-automatic aid to the assembly of the component parts of a valve has recently been introduced by Mullard to the production of their valves, types ECH81, EF80, EL84, UL84, PL36 and 6BA6. This aid comprises a pedal-operated jig which guides the various electrodes of a valve into the correct locating holes in the bottom mica of the cage structure, thus eliminating the need for manipulation of the components by the operator. The operation of a small press seats the electrodes firmly in the bottom mica, and jaws then clamp the assembled cage in position to facilitate fitting and securing the top mica.

The new aid thus increases the speed at which valves can be manufactured and at the same time reduces damage by operators, thus ensuring a much more consistent product with smaller spreads in characteristics.

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