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English Electric X-Band Reflex Klystrons

Wireless World, December, 1965.
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A new series of compact, 'fully ruggedized', X-Band reflex klystrons are being produced by the English Electric Valve Company, of Chelmsford, to meet the demand for relatively inexpensive local oscillators having a wide range of frequency/temperature coefficients. As an example, the K3007 has a coefficient of -130 kHz per degree Centigiade, which the makers claim is comparable with most commercially available X-Band magnetrons. Another feature of the range is that through improved manufacturing techniques the performance parameters can be permutated to suit individual requirements for non-standard klystrons.

The K3003 Klystron

The frequency drift on these devices is quite small and the manufacturers state that one of the klystrons in the series (a K3003) has remained within ± 10 MHz during testing, of over 3,000 hours. The frequency range of these tubes varies according to type from 8.5 to 9.55 GHz, as does the electronic tuning range (the narrowest being 32 MHz and the widest 60 MHz) and the output powers (from 40 to 70 mW).

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