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English Electric X-Band Reflex Klystrons
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The K3003 is a reflex klystron local oscillator for X-Band radar. The operating frequency is between 9.35 and 9.55 GHz. A small piece in Wireless World in December 1965 gave some details.
K3003 was listed in the 1971 catalogue but by 1978 it had been replaced by the K3081.
The output power is given as 55 mW and the electrical tuning range is 40 MHz. The beam voltage is 300 Volts. No other details have yet been found but normally these small klystrons operate with a 6.3 Volt heater.
The klystron has a built-in WG16 flange that is 41 mm square.
The International Octal base.
The reflector connection at the top cap. The frequency adjusting screw is below.
The waveguide flange. The opening is smaller than the waveguide and this will be to effect an impedance match between the oscillator and the guide.
The thin metal tube envelope is 16 mm in diameter, and excluding the IO base pins is 70 mm tall.
References: 4014 & 4015. Type K3003 was first introduced in 1965. See also 1965 adverts.


Updated January 20, 2019.
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