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Sintered Glass

Nature, volume 158, page702 (1946).
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The hard sintered glass base with B5F base pins of the CV2130.


A NEW technique for the production of complex glass-metal structures, such as the bases of thermionic valves, described by E G Dorgelo in the January 1946 The of the Philips Technical Review, vol. 8.

The process consists in pressing finely powdered glass into a graphite mould in which the metal parts are supported, and in sintering it in a mixed nitrogen - hydrogen atmosphere by high-frequency induction heating. The finished product is opalescent because of the large number of gas bubbles, the average diameter of which is about 50 microns, which are trapped in the fused glass; but these are said not to affect the mechanical properties detrimentally, while in respect of electrical breakdown it is suggested that the powdered-glass product is likely to be superior to that of ordinary glass in which, by mischance, air bubbles of larger size have become enclosed.

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