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Osram Z62

Wireless World, December, 1939.
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A New High-slope RF Pentode
The overall height of the Osram Z62 is just under 3.5 inches.

Designed for use in ultra short wave or television receivers, this valve has an indirectly heated cathode rated at 0.45 Amp., 6.3 Volts. The electrodes are of small dimensions and the internal wiring has been kept short. As a consequence it is possible to obtain appreciable amplification up to 60 MHz, and at 40 MHz the input resistance is approximately 4,000 Ω. The mutual conductance is 7.5 mA/Volt with the maximum anode volts of 300, screen at 150 Volts and grid bias at -2.0 Volts.

The valve is mounted on a 7pin Octal base and the price is 12s. 6d.

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