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This fine, water cooled, industrial heating power triode has a 125 mm square mounting plate. The filament is marked on the envelope as 6.0 Volts and takes 115 Amps. The anode dissipation is given as 10 kW, with an RF output power of 20 kW at up to 100 MHz.
In operation the valve would be firmly fixed by the mounting plate with the water pipes pointing down. The connections above the chassis to the large pins would be of thick braid. The grid is connected to the circular plate above the envelope.
The valve would be screened in operation due to the x-ray emission. The anode is long to afford the maximum surface area for cooling, and allow high power operation.
The glass envelope is 106 mm in diameter and the overall length is 365 mm.
Reference: 4014.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Updated April 07, 2013.
type:triode base: heater:6.0v pins:2 pin:
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