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Sensibly equivalent to:
5476 NU30
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The CV1278 is also labelled M1169. It is a high power rectifier previously called the NU30.
The basket weave anode is seen to be hazy due to the nature of the silica envelope. The filament connections are to the left of the picture.
The outer rods are for the single inverted V filament. The filament appears to be tungsten or thoriated tungsten. The centre rod connects to a strange electrode, it is held in two places and consists of a central rod with two outer rods attached. It sits at the centre of the anode and the outer rods are at right angles to the filament. The envelope can be seen to be damaged where this electrode's connection passes through. Air has entered.
Again a view of the filament end. In this shot the type designation formed in the silica can be seen.
With the distortions caused by the silica, the central electrode support structure is just visible.
The silica tube envelope is 79 mm in diameter, and the silica is 395 mm long.
Reference: Observation.


Updated October 09, 2013.
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