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The 1628 is a UHF transmitting triode with a 75 Watt power rating and designed for Class C amplifiers.
It was not listed by RCA in 1938 and the successor 8012 appeared in 1942. The 1628 has a thoriated tungsten filament rated at 3.5 Volts and 3.25 Amps. The anode dissipation is 40 Watts and full power frequency of operation is 500 MHz. Maximum useful operating frequency is 650 MHz but at reduced rating.
The anode and grid are brought out to side contacts, in later designs the lowering of inductance by the use of multiple contacts expands into contact rings.
The wide glass tube envelope is 28 mm in diameter and, excluding the flying leads, is 95 mm tall.
Reference: 3002 4061 & 4038.


Updated February 04, 2013.
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