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Mullard KS9-40 Advert - New Valves for Small-Boat Radar
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The KS9-40D is a low power X-band reflex klystron operating between 9.38 and 9.51 GHz. This exhibit was designed to be a local oscillator in radar receivers. We also have the KS9-40G, the difference will be the operating frequency.
Unlike the KS9-20D valve this has a built-in waveguide output and limited tuning range. The output is 40 mW.
The output is taken to an integral WG16 flange. The RF energy being conducted around the equipment in waveguide.
The thin metal tube envelope is 21 mm in diameter in the centre, and excluding the IO base pins, is 69 mm tall.
References: Advert & The Radio Constructor. Type KS9-40D was first introduced in 1960. See also 1960 adverts.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
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Updated November 11, 2013.
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