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The K324 klystron from English Electric Valve Company is a 3 cm radar device. It is described by EE as a klystron for use as a local oscillator.
Seen side on the kylstron's shape is clearly seen. The operating range of the K324 is between 9.0 - 10.0 GHz set with the mechanical tuning adjustment. Electrically the tuning can be varied by 30 MHz. The beam voltage is designed to be 350 Volts. It produces an output power of 45 mW.
The waveguide flange can be seen with a reduced section to aid matching and loading to the resonant cavity.
The wide metal tube envelope is 25 mm in diameter and, excluding the IO base pins, is 92 mm tall. The waveguide 16 flange is 41 mm square.
Reference: 4014.


Updated July 05, 2014.
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