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The TS1 was developed by the German company GEMA for radar use in the mid 1930s. Two variants of base connection were made, g1 and a being reversed so as to make for easier connection in a push-pull pulse power oscillator.
The Western Electric 316A UHF triode is similar but has a lower filament current of 3.65 A and lower dissipation.
The Filament tension spring and small anode with side flanges to aid cooling.
A close-up of the main electrodes. The control grid is a cylinder of wires with the filament running top to bottom.
Looking along the length of the valve. The serial number of 5078 can be seen above the glass to metal pin supports.
Base: Left to right and top to bottom the connections are g1, a, f, f.
The TS1 was used in the early Seetakt naval tactical radar. These operated at about 375 MHz and produced a pulse power of 1.5 kW. These valves can be seen to be of delicate construction and are easily damaged by strong vibrations. The radar was fitted to WWII ships such as the Graf Spee and Bismark where the firing of the guns controlled by these radars would cause the valves to be damaged and stop the radar from working. Later versions of these tactical radars used the more robust TS6 that produced 8 kW pulses and thus gave enhanced range performance.
Power oscillator using TS1 and TS1A valves. The discs form the tuning capacitors and in the foreground can be seen the heavy duty pins that connect the module to the main radar chassis. The valve visible is the TS1.
The complete power oscillator module. The pulse modulator and power supplies are not shown.
The top end of the module with TS1A valve and showing inductors formed on the ceramic substrate.
The envelope is 61 mm in diameter, and excluding the base pins is 58 mm tall.
References: Internet (www.cdvandt.org/seetakt.htm) & Data-sheet. Type TS1 was first introduced in 1934.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Thanks to Frank Philipse for supplying the above PDF datasheet.
Updated May 30, 2012.
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