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E1359 M501
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The Travelling Wave Valve - Radar Technique - Cavity Magnetrons
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The CV76 was produced in four variants A to D. As the magnetron is essentially a fixed frequency oscillator with its operating frequency determined by the cavity dimensions, producing slightly different metalwork enabled a range of frequencies to be covered by a single valve type. The CV76 is rated at 500 kW output some five times the power of the CV56.
See CV1481 for details.
The brass body and heat sinking fins.
The CV76 was used as in the Type 277 early warning radar that was in service from the beginning of 1943.
The wide metal tube envelope is 76 mm in diameter, and excluding the leads is 195 mm tall. The central section is 37 mm front to back.
References: Imperial War Museum & 3002. Type CV76 was first introduced in 1942. See also 1942 adverts.


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