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The CV71 is described as an Osglim indicator lamp without a series resistor. The stabiliser is used with the ring electrode at the negative end of the circuit and shielded to cut-out almost all of the neon glow.
The stabiliser will strike at around 230 Volts.
There is an arrow indicating the negative electrode and printed on the base cap are the words 'Not to be burnt without' plus what looks to be the part number of a resistor.
The ring and plate electrodes.
The thin glass tube envelope is 18 mm in diameter, and including the small bayonet base is 56 mm tall.
References: Datasheet.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Thanks to Frank Philipse for supplying the above PDF datasheet.
Updated October 20, 2014.
shape:thin.glass.tube construction:pinch type:voltage.stabiliser age:1940.1950 base: pin:
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