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shadow-mask Colour Tubes
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The 160AB22 is an in-line gun shadow-mask colour picture tube. It has a useful screen size of approximately 5 inches across the diagonal and is representative of most modern television tubes.
Small colour picture tubes are fairly unusual and find uses in small portable video monitoring and recording applications in CCTV equipment and in studio equipment including studio camera view finders.
This particular exhibit was removed from a 'multiple' video CCTV monitor unit which employed nine of these tubes in a 3 x 3 square in a single cabinet forming a sort of mini 'video wall'. This monitor unit was installed in a CCTV concierge control room in a block of flats which has since been demolished. This type of application for tubes of this size and type is not uncommon.
The construction of the tube is similar to larger colour television tubes. The neck contains three separate electron guns arranged horizontally in line with one another. The screen has vertical phosphor stripes arranged in groups of three (red, green and blue) each stripe being approximately 0.3 mm wide. The shadow-mask consists of a metal grille just behind the screen. It is perforated with precision vertical slots which match the phosphor stripes on the screen. In other respects the construction of the tube is similar to monochrome tubes in that it has an internally aluminised bulb with an external graphite aquadag coating. The external coating is grounded and the capacitance formed by the coatings inside and outside the bulb is used to smooth the EHT. The heaters are run at 6.3 Volts and the EHT needed is of the order of 9.5 kV.
As well as the usual deflection coils the neck carries an assembly of purity magnets in the form of adjustable permanent magnet rings. These are adjusted to ensure that the electron beam from the relevant gun falls on the correct colour phosphor stripe on the screen. See The Electrons article on Shadow-mask colour tubes.
In common with larger television tubes of this type, this tube employs a metal compression band around the face-plate which holds the glass under slight compression. In this mode the glass exhibits much greater strength. The band also serves as a means of mounting the tube.
The bonded faceplate with embedded fixing plate.
The deflection coils are aligned during manufacture.
The recessed EHT connector and external aquadag coating.
The connections to the deflection coils are taken to a tag board.
The end window envelope is 20 mm in diameter, and excluding the base pins is 224 mm tall. The fixing centres are 175 mm across the diagonal.
Reference: Observation.


Updated June 21, 2013.
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