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The CV182 is a mystery as no data seems to exist in the public domain. It is clearly a cavity magnetron designed to produce radar pulses probably at 10 cm or 3 GHz.
The central tube is 50 mm in diameter and the external fins are 75 mm in diameter and 30 mm thick. Above the mounting flange is a plastic cover for the glass/metal connection points. Earlier magnetrons without covers were easily ruined by knocking the glass tubes that housed the connections.
The English Electric sticker on the plastic cover. The waveguide probe is protected in transit by the threaded Paxolin tube.
The waveguide output probe and threaded ring. The serial number of 52687 is stamped into the end plate.
The probe and threaded ring.
The wide metal tube envelope is 50 mm in diameter and, including the base pins, is 154 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated June 12, 2021.
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