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The 7295/E is a 4.5 inch broadcast quality image orthicon television camera tube. These tubes were much used in monochrome television cameras of the later 1950's including the Marconi MKIII.
The 4.5 inch tubes offered much better definition and image quality compared with the 3 inch types, but were very large items. The head end of this tube is 110 mm in diameter and 140 mm long.
As yet no data-sheet for the 7295/E has been found and so the 7295A is presented below. There was also a 7295B-L variant.
The head unit. Image orthicons must be kept with the head unit vertical or horizontal as if tilted down particles within the tube (required in use) will land on the photosensitive surface causing permanent blemishes.
The 14 pin base. The body tube has virtually the same diameter as the head end of a three inch image orthicon.
This looks like a Paxolin ring holding the external connecting fingers.
The face plat is optical flat and here seen with a protective cover.
The base pins are numbered. In some RCA tubes the base material was coloured to indicate the appropriate three tubes for colour cameras.
A close-up of the head end.
The tube came in a wooden box. In this case rain has damaged the box. The BBC donated the tubes to Washford Museum but discarded the boxes. This one was rescued some days later from a skip.
The top of the box with instructions not to invert.
The tube hangs suspended within this wooden frame.
The tube in position within fabric bags linked to the wooden frame by springs.
The end window envelope is 78 mm in diameter, and excluding the B14A base pins is 480 mm tall.
Reference: Data-sheet.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Thanks to Frank Philipse for supplying the above PDF datasheet.
Updated July 04, 2020.
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