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The HR14 is a wire-ended EHT rectifier with a 6.3 V 90 mA heater which is normally fed from a well-insulated winding on the line output transformer of a television receiver. This is the original EHT rectifier, which in 1948 made the AC/DC technique possible in the television set. The EY86 is effectively the EY51 on a B9A base.
On test the heater matches the EY51 but we could not find any operating details for the HR14.
The bell anode connected to the top of the envelope with the white cathode tube within. The EY51 has a lower screen over the pinch that the HR14 does not have.
The coiled and insulated heater passing into the oxide coated cathode tube. Near the base of the image is the support that holds the cathode at the top.
The thin glass tube envelope is 18 mm in diameter and, excluding the base wires is 59 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Updated August 20, 2019.
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