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The E2760 is am M-OV development sample. We cannot find any direct information but the size suggests something similar to the DET24. The visible difference being the shape of the top of the envelope. The smaller DET23 has the pointed envelope and the DET 24 has the re-entrant top. The shape would only affect the size of the mount not the operation.
The visible part of the serial number is 950. The grid wires are mounted on the cathode side of the central disc.
The single sided grid is formed on a rigid plate. This is thus a frame grid and as such the grid wire would wound under considerable tension to ensure that the wire passed completely flat across the frame. Once wound the top set of wires would be sheared off.
A closer view of the frame grid.
The planar envelope is 21 mm in diameter, and including the base pins is 70 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated May 14, 2021.
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