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Sodion S-13

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The Sodion Tube
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This exhibit is a Sodion S-13 soft triode detector. It was made by the Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co. The conducting ions in the valve were sodium. The filament was made of tungsten.
The designer was Dr H P Donle, (chief engineer at Connecticut Telephone and Electric Company). In 1925 Dr Donle left to establish his own company, the Donle Bristol Corporation of Meriden, Connecticut, where later sodion types were developed and made.
Thanks to Joe Gruber for sending the image.
The thin glass tube envelope is 23 mm in diameter and, including the base pins, is 72 mm tall.
Reference: Joe Gruber & 1047. Type Sodion S-13 was first introduced in 1923. See also 1923 adverts.


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Updated November 26, 2020.
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