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It is normal practice that valves from different manufacturers are `sensibly equivalent' rather than identical. Confusion arises particularly with Beam Tetrode and Pentode valves when manufacturers say they are 'equivalent'.
Please note: Valves from the series ACR, AR, ARD, ARH, ARP, ARS, ART, AT, AU and AW appear under British Army. The series NC, NG, NR, NS, NT and NU appear under British Navy. The series VC, VG, VI, VR, V, VT, VU and VW all are to be found under British Air Force. VT-No. are GPO (POVT series) and VT- are the American Vacuum Tube series.
10,602 references, matched to our database of exhibits and non-exhibit data.
Each of these references has been found from vintage literature. Some errors in the originals have been corrected. We may have introduced others. Introduction dates are given for when the valve Type was introduced, the exact date may vary from one make to another. Please contact your webmaster if you discover an error. We have tried to use primary sources if possible ie manufacturers listings (especially data-sheets with tentative data), in the absence of primary listings we have used Thrower1043 and radiomuseum.org3002 plus the AVO Valve Data Manuals 17th & 20th editions 1965 & 1974 as well as numerous other publications.
Equivalents database last updated on September 28, 2015
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