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Manufacture of Thermionic Devices

Artisan Valves

American documentary of modern small scale audio valve assembly. Running time 05:00.

Baird Telechrome

A mini documentary by Iain Baird on J L Bairds colour camera tube. Running time 02:44.

Blackburn Works

A documentary about the Mullard factory. Running time 33:11.

Bottle of Magic

Western Electric from 1948 describe the evolution of the valve from the Audion with particular emphasis on telephone systems. Running time 13:26.

The EF80

Mullard film showing valve manufacture in the 1950's. Running time 25:26.

Nixie Tubes

Modern artisan Nixie tube manufacture. Running time 37:49.

Osram Valves

GEC Osram valve manufacture in 1930. Part one. Running time 07:21.

Osram Valves

   Part two. Running time 08:22.

Osram Valves

   Part three. Running time 07:06.

Philips Valve & Radio Factory

A magnificent 1930s film about the Dutch manufacturer. Running time 35.48.

RCA 5820

RCA film on how this image orthicon works. Running time 7:00.

Special Quality

A short film about the making of Mullard special quality valves. Running time 04:06.

Tesla Valves

A short 1973 film about the Czech Tesla factory. Running time 04:22.

How TV CRT's are Made

American overview of television CRT production. Running time 05:00.

TV Tubes, Mullard radiant screen.

Mullard information film. The whole process. Running time 30:49.

TV Colour Tubes

The making of Mullard Shadow Mask CRT's. Running time 18:03.

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Manufacture of Equipment


John Sargrove's pioneering work on automated receiver production from 1947. Running time 16:20.

Marshall Amp

Play it Loud - The story of the Marshall amp. Running time 59.00.

Ultra Radio Factory

1930s silent film inside the Ultra factory in the UK. Running time 04.46.


A clip of this video recorder in use: Panarama April 14, 1958. Running time 1:31.


An interview with Dr. Peter Axon - designer. Running time 05:27.

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Electronics at Work

Westinghouse film from 1943 showing interesting valve applications. Running time 21:10.

Iconoscope Bomb Camera

The RCA TV camera for the first guided missile designed in 1945. Running time 07:30.


The Secret Life of Machines TV program. Features Brookmans Park rebuilt original transmitter and Gerry Wells at the Radio Museum. Running time 25:46.

To See For a Hundred Miles

Documentary on RADAR, part of The Secret War series. Running time 50:22.

Secret Writing of the Electrons

A Philips film about cathode-ray tube and the oscilloscope. Running time 18:48.


The Secret Life of Machines TV program. Including Gerry Wells at the Radio Museum. Running time 25:51.

The Story of Television

1956 RCA educational film about the origins of American television. Discussion with Vladimir Zworykin starts at 02:25. Running time 26:15.

Television in 1939

RCA film about the origins of American television with Iconoscope and Kinescope. Running time 09:02.

Television is Here Again

UK trade film from 1946. It shows Alexandra Palace studios and transmission equipment together with program production. (part one). Running time 09:52.

Television Set Manufacture

RCA film about the design and making of the TV in 1950's America. Emphasis on RCA Victor and quality control throughout production of components and final product. Running time 26:42.

TV Set Evolution

A series of images of TV sets from the 1930's to 2030 showing how fashion and technology influence design. Running time 07:27.

Video Recorder

The Secret Life of Machines TV program. Including the BBC VERA machine. Running time 25:46.

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Basic Science/principles

How CRT's Work

A workshop approach to the basic operation of the CRT. Running time 05:23.

Cathode Rays

Crookes tubes and the discovery of the electron. Running time 06:03.

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Industrial History

Memories of Mullard

A compilation of the Mitcham site and Mullard history. Running time 59:02.

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Scanned Booklets


Full presentation of two sided data booklet from 1935.

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