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From the dawn of broadcasting stereo has been a much discussed topic both technically and from a perceptual standpoint.

Two channel stereo from disc was originally presented in a British patent (394,325) granted in 1933 to A D Blumlein of EMI.

However, it was in the late 1950s with the start of stereo microgroove disc production and stereo tapes for the consumer, coupled with suitable reproducing equipment at a reasonable cost that articles for and against stereo, or stereophony as it was called at the time, started to appear. Similar arguments existed in the technical press for television - mono v colour, more lines v bandwidth etc.

Listed here are the articles that we have collected. Most appear in the timeline section of the museum.

BBC Stereo transmissions - 1920's style - June, 1958.

Advances in Sound Reproduction - October, 1950.

Stereophony in the Home - November, 1956.

Stereophony from Discs - April, 1958.

Standards for Stereo Disc Records - June, 1958.

Single Amplifier Stereo - January, 1959.

Stereophony on Trial - February, 1959.

IEE Convention on Stereophony - May, 1959.

The Great Stereophony Fake - September, 1959.

Hi-Fi - June, 1960.

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