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BBC Television Centre.

Wireless World, May, 1958.
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As can be seen from this aerial photograph, construction of the BBC Television Centre on the old White City exhibition site is well under way. The White City Stadium (top right) gives some idea of the area covered by the Centre. There will be seven studios in the outer ring of the building, the first four being brought into service in 1961. All the studios will be linked by an internal 20ft wide runway along which scenery, etc., will be conveyed from the scenery block (left), which is already in use. Two floors of the main administrative circular block in the centre will house the engineering equipment. The studio control rooms will look down from this circular block into the studios radiating from it. The Centre will house the national central control room and also the Continental control point for Eurovision at present in Broadcasting House. The garden in the central ring will be 150 feet in diameter-about the size of Piccadilly Circus.

Image of the centre from wikipedia.

The BBC ceased broadcasting from Television Centre in 2013 and the site was sold for redevelopment.

From the Wikipedia article: Developers Stanhope said in April 2014 that the new Television Centre development would 'pay homage to the original use of the building' and retain original features of the buildings including the 'doughnut', atomic dot wall and Helios statue. The new Television Centre will be opened up to the public and will offer entertainment and leisure facilities, including a new branch of members' club Soho House, offices aimed at the creative sector and approximately 1,000 new homes, together with pedestrian access through the site providing connectivity with the local area, including Hammersmith Park.

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