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Mullard at The Television & Radio Show 1966

Radio and Electrical Retailing, August, 1966.
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Complete Colour Capability is the heading under which Mullard is featuring their display of Colour-screen shadow-mask picture tubes, valves, semiconductors and other components. Colour-screen shadow-mask tubes are shown in both the 25 in size and a new 19 in size just announced.

Both types have rare earth Europium activated red phosphor, with sulphide-type green and blue phosphors, a combination that provides maximum brightness for any given value of beam current. The Mullard range of colour valves comprises six specially designed types for the receiver timebase, EHT and luminance circuits.

Among a complete range of semiconductors for hybrid colour receivers are the new silicon planar types BFI67 and BFI73 with the unique integrated screen. An important new product is the new ultrasonic delay line for PAL receivers. A folded glass type, this line is much easier to use than others designed for the same purpose.

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