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BVA Valves

Extracted from British Radio Valves: The Classic Years 1926-19461043.
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BVA Utility Equivalents

There were two Wartime Civilian radio receivers, one for battery operation and the other for AC mains operation.

The table below shows the valves used in these receivers, together with their equivalent types.

The BVA Type designations use the final digit to identify the manufacturer.

  1. Cossor
  2. Ediswan (Mazda)
  3. Ferranti
  4. GEC
  5. Marconiphone
  6. Mullard
  7. Standard Telephones and Cables (Brimar)

BVA Valves in the Museum: BVA132, BVA172, BVA216, BVA243, BVA246 & BVA276.

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