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Sensibly equivalent to:
3887 G1/235G G1/236G T1/236G
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The CV3524 is a cold cathode gas filled relay originally designed for use in telephone systems. Commercially this is a G1/236G.
The central trigger lead needs to be connected to a high impedance source. Typically 1 M Ohm.
When triggered the anode current of this cold cathode device should lie between 0.5 and 1.5 mA. The anode supply would be of the order of 175 Volts. When conducting the anode volts would be between 70 and 85 Volts.
The thin glass tube envelope is 8 mm in diameter and, excluding the 3 wire leads is 38 mm tall.
Reference: 1040.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
The Thyratron
Updated October 13, 2013.
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