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Early Night Vision Devices - Infra-red Image Converters - CV148 &em;et al&/em;
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The CV148 is an Infra Red image converter cell for night vision applications and several variants of the basic cell were made during the early 1940's for war service.
These devices were developed by EMI.
See also CV147 and IR Converter Cell
The silver source is on the left with the locating disc in the centre.
The image shows two retaining discs and a support with two springs. The vertical spring moves the silver source and the horizontal spring moves the fluorescent screen out of the way when the cathode is being formed. The black circle near the top of the picture is the screen retaining disc.
The cathode with the screen behind.
The glass screen seen through the viewing window.
An enlarged portion of the fluorescent screen showing the fine platinium wires that keep all areas of the screen at the same potential.
The end window envelope is 48 mm in diameter, and is 43 mm tall.
References: Observation & article as above.


Updated February 21, 2017.
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