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Mullard 55875B Case
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The 55875B is a blue sensitive Plumbicon television camera tube. The lead oxide target camera tube was a Philips invention and was used in broadcast television. It lacked the high edge definition of the Image Orthicon tubes but had the advantage of a high signal to noise ratio. Philips of Eindhoven purchased Mullard in the 1920s.
See also 55875R red sensitive & QX1020G green sensitive Plumbicon.
The gun and base. Note the steel locating pin. The gun components are held in three white glass rods.
The base with exhaust tube, steel locating pin and gold plated contacts.
The target end of the tube with protective cover in place.
The target of this one inch Plumbicon. In use the tube would be concealed within the the scanning coil assembly. A colour camera would use three or four tubes with light split by dichroic filters.
The end window envelope is 30 mm in diameter, and excluding the base pins is 195 mm tall.
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Updated December26, 2011.
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