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Sensibly equivalent to:
DET24 TD04-20 VX3058
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The CV397 is a disc seal triode based on the VX3058. In use the valve would be fixed into a pair of cavities. The grid is a fine mesh and the anode is in close proximity to the grid. The central base connection is one side of the heater and the surrounding tube connection is the other end of the heater and the oxide coated cathode.
The CV397 and its commercial equivalent the DET24 date from the latter part of WWII. It could produce up to 10 Watts of output at frequencies up to 2 GHz.
The planar envelope is 20 mm in diameter, and is 66 mm tall.
References: Data-sheet & 1005.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Thanks to Frank Philipse for supplying the above PDF datasheet.
Updated October 05, 2013.
shape:planar construction:disc.seal.(glass) type:triode age:1940.1950 base: heater:6.3v pin:
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