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Sensibly equivalent to:
3A/146J S25A
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The CV16 is a UHF triode for use at up to 600 MHz. The envelope features a copper to glass seal and the prototype was the S25A.
The envelope is cracked at the top and the getter has turned white indicating loss of vacuum.
The anode connection is within the re-entrant top of the envelope. The filament wires emerge at the bottom and the grid is connected to the 51 mm diameter flange.
The top of the valve with the anode connection recessed.
The crack in the envelope and the main electrodes at the centre.
The construction is mid-way between conventional and disc seal. The control grid is wound on support rods and passes flat across the cathode. The anode connection tube terminates in a flat copper plate held in place between the mica end cheeks of the central triode assembly.
The wide glass tube envelope is 29 mm in diameter, and excluding the base pins is 74 mm tall.
Reference: Data-sheet.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Thanks to Frank Philipse for supplying the above PDF datasheet.
Updated March 25, 2019.
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