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The 3C22 is a transmitting triode capable of 125 W at 1.5GHz. This exhibit is given as a GL-3C22 and our other 3C22 from General Electric is given as GC-3C22. And has a visible copper anode. The anode in this exhibit is bright.
It was used in the AN/APT-5 radar jamming transmitter. Interestingly this was used as the local oscillator in equipment used to discover the 21cm interstellar hydrogen line in 1951.
Made in USA. The lettering in red is SC7717A. No reference has been found to this.
The top of the radiator is threaded and has a screw inserted. The fins are 41 mm in diameter and are 38 mm tall.
The mesh grid: the anode is on the right and has a smaller diameter than the flat topped cathode on the left.
The wide glass tube envelope is 26 mm in diameter, and excluding the IO base pins is 107 mm tall.
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Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Updated June 09, 2021.
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