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The third valve Moorhead Laboratories produced for WWI was named by the US Navy SE 1444. This valve was designed by the Navy Bureau of Steam Engineering shortened to SE and then given the number 1444. This numbering system was devised by George Clark. It was the only Navy valve that could be used for both receiving and transmitting, testament to a great Moorhead manufacturing process.
The SE1444 is identical to the Moorhead VT-A.
The original Navy line design drawing for the SE1444. Several manufacturing companies were given this line drawing and asked to submit examples, several were chosen but the tube Moorhead supplied would have become the Navy standard had his factory and financial practices been more stable. This drawing states 'Navy Bureau of Steam Engineering' and the date 1919. This latter date must mean that the drawing had been updated after the war as Moorhead supplied the US Government with the SE1444 as early as 1917.
Thanks to Joe Gruber for sending the images.
The balloon envelope is 44 mm in diameter and, excluding the UV base pins, is 104 mm tall.
Reference: Joe Gruber. Type SE1444 was first introduced in 1917. See also 1917 adverts.


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Updated February 08, 2021.
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