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Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers - Valves for Microwaves
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The CV6162 is a microwave amplifier valve known as a travelling wave tube. In operation with several kV across the tube the thin glass envelope is inserted into a set of magnets arranged along the tube length.
The 6162 is also the commercial W7/4G and both Types are on the glass. The commercial Type is printed and the CV Type designation is hand written. This CV specification was for the GPO in the UK and would have been used in the microwave relay system.
The operating frequency range, TWTs are wideband devices, 3.6 - 4.2 GHz. The output power was 7 W. Typically it would operate at 2 kV on the collector and 3 kV on the helix. The maximum collector current was 40 mA. The helix voltage has to be very stable and draws a very small current.
The gun end and the start of the helix.
The collector would need to be coupled to a substantial heat sink or forced air system as the maximum dissipation is around 80 Watts.
The ITT brand but made in the UK by STC. The commercial designation of W7/4G.
Another view of the gun and flying leads. The input waveguide or coaxial connection would feed energy into the helix at this end and the output is at the collector end of the helix, again with waveguide or co-axial connection. The magnets required along the length of the helix would in this case be part of the enclosure. In other TWT amplifiers the tube is not replaceable and the unit comes complete.
The thin glass tube envelope is 12 mm in diameter and, excluding the base wires, is 455 mm tall.
Reference: STC catalogue.


Updated March 16, 2021.
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