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Sensibly equivalent to:
8011 CV1090 E1046
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Micropup valves - Radar Technique - Valve Developments
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This valve is an experimental version of the VT90 micropup M-OV developed for WWII 50 cm radar.
In the picture the filament connects at the left, the anode is the finned structure in the centre and the grid connects at the right. The construction is coaxial and this valve operated at about 600 MHz with a pulse power output of five kilowatts.
See VT90 for details of the production valve.
The co-axial envelope is 40 mm in diameter and, excluding the base pins, is 95 mm tall.
References: 1005. Type VT90 was first introduced in 1939.


Updated November 12, 2020.
shape:co-axial construction:disc.seal.(glass) type:triode age:1940.1950 base: pin:
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