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Sensibly equivalent to:
DV55 V230C/1D
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This exhibit is a Heil tube or velocity modulated oscillator. These devices used both magnetic fields (to focus the electron stream) with velocity modulation (as used in klystrons) to form a microwave oscillator. It is described as a coaxial line wide AFC oscillator. Eventually the reflex klystron took over the role of microwave oscillator. See also KS9-20D.
The gaps in the metal cover are for the poles of the focus magnet.
The top connection, just visible on the right, is a probe that was used to excite the coaxial cavity but does not connect to any of the electrodes.
This Heil tube was rapidly superseded by the B7G types such as V233A/1K.
Thanks to R J Sutherland for supplying detailed information on this early Heil tube.
The valve is 35 mm in diameter and, excluding the IO base pins, is 100 mm tall. The top flange is 72 mm in diameter.
References: R J Sutherland.


Updated November 18, 2013.
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