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J A Fleming
I Langmuir
H J Round
William C White
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Industrial Recollections

The Beam Tetrode
The 'Boot' Magnetron
Sir Christopher Cockerell
CV148 and Others
The ECF80 and ECF82
The Evolution of the Cathode-Ray Tube
Gilbert Pollock at BBC Westerglen
JJ Electronic
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Personal Memories

19G/12 and the Baby computer
An 807 at Atlas Cove
A Ride Down Memory Lane
A Valve Engineer's Apprenticeship
The BTH SUPA Remembered
GU-50 Mounting
How I Invented the Thermionic Diode.
Ostar Ganz 230 Volt Heaters.
A Personal History of Mullard DF ORA Valve
Television Nostalgia
The ACM3: TV TX in the UK
Things We Lose
Use of 4643 Triode
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Last updated February 06, 2018
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